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Solar Water Pumping System


1.Solar pump system introduction

Jntech Solar pumping system consists of solar panels, solar pumping inverter, (above 18.5kw, there are PV combiner), three phase AC pump and storage device.
The solar pumping inverter converter the DC from solar panels to AC to drive pump to work. The pump will pump the water from borehole, lake, river etc. to the storage. The main application of the solar pumping system are domestic water, agricultural irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, rural town water supply and so on.The solar pumping system fulfills concept of low carbon, energy conservation, environmental protection, to improve the living standard in water-deficient area.

2. Introduction of solar water pumping inverter
Jntech solar pumping inverter is not DC inverter but AC three phase  inverter, so, the pump is no need special solar pump. It is normal 3 phase AC pump. There are two series of JNTECH solar pumping inverter, 220V-240V and 380-460V. Low voltage serie inverter range from 1.5kw to 4kw. High voltage range from 2.2kw to 37kw until now. The R&D department are researching 45kw to 110KW solar pumping inverter now.
3. Features of  solar pumping system
1), Wide MPPT range,tracking the max. power point to improve the efficiency of the whole 
system. Efficiency is more than 99%.
2), With IP65 design, It can be installed outside with good waterproof.
3), Matching for any ordinary three phase 50Hz pumps.
4), Full protection function can keep the system always in safe operation.
5), Three years warranty for complete system, ten years for PV modules
6), Modular design, easy to install, operate and maintain.

4. System Application
Solar pumping system can be applied in the area with sunshine and areas lack of electricity, such as:
Daily water using
Agricultural irrigation
Forestry irrigtaion
Desert control
Pasture animal husbandry
Rural town and village water supply
Desalinization of sea water
Scenic fountain etc.