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Most of the agriculture area is without grid power or lack of grid power. Meanwhile diesel  generator irrigation system cost is very high. Solar pumping system is clean, cheaper cost in long term. It is the best way for agriculture irrigation. The daily water output is about  30-600m3, it will depends on water requirement of different plant and total area.

In a country where the bulk of the population is rural and many communities are not connected to the grid, together with massive potential, renewable energy, localized solar pump systems are a highly appealing alternative. Right now more and more solar pumping systems are used in agricultural irrigation.


Case one
Solution System: JNP11KH
Solar Pumping Inverter:  JNP11KH
Application: Agriculture Irrigation
Location: Yemen
Time: 2014
Head: 115m
Flow Rate: 17m3/h
Case two
Solution System: JNP18K5H
Solar Pumping Inverter:  JNP18K5H
Application: Plant Irrigation
Location: El Jadida, Morocco
Water Requirement: 400m3/ Day


Case three

Solution System: JNP1K5L
Solar Pumping Inverter:  JNP1K5L
Application: Nursery Irrigation
Location: Guangdong