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JNTECH attended the 6th China(Beijing) International Irrigation Technology Expo

Promulgator:Hefei Jntech New Energy Co.,Ltd.   Date:2018-04-04  Font:[big][middle][small]

From March.26 ~28, 2018, Jntech was invited to attend the 6th China(Beijing) International Irrigation Technology Exposition. This exposition cover water-saving irrigation, plant factory, internet of things, informatization of agriculture, etc., attracting a great many of exhibitors from more than 12 countries and areas, such as Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, America, Spain, Mexico and domestic mainstream irrigation related enterprises.

Meanwhile, this exhibition special held a closed-door talks with topic - Focus on the Belt & Road cooperation, win-win in Agricultural Reclamation Area, in order to improve the international irrigation technology communication and cooperation, to promote water-saving irrigation technology improvement and healthy development. Jntech had the opportunity to join in this talking, deeply communicated and discussed about the development status of irrigation industries both in domestic and abroad, as well as international cooperation modes.

With the rapid development of science & technology in recent years, water-saving agriculture and intelligent agriculture not only the important project of agricultural modernization, but also the main stream of agricultural modernization development.

Jntech is the only one professional solar pumping irrigation enterprise in this exhibition. Jntech shows solar pumping irrigation system, solar off-grid system and solar energy storage system, attracting lots of visitors and media’s attention and consult.

With the principle of Efficient, Precise and Intelligent, this exhibition displaying the latest wisdom of agricultural technology and equipment, and showing modern science and technology support and assurance for the development of the agricultural modernization.

Jntech will always insist on development of new energy technology application, continue to provide the community with reliable, safety, high efficiency water supply and electricity supply projects, also relative products and technology for Agricultural irrigation, Desert control, Pasture restoration and other ecological management projects.

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