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JNTECH International roving seminar on water and power successfully held in Pakistan

Promulgator:Hefei Jntech New Energy Co.,Ltd.   Date:2018-08-14  Font:[big][middle][small]

On August 9, 2018, JNTECH International Roving Seminar on water and power have concluded successfully in Islamabad, sponsored by Hefei Jntech New Energy Co., LTD, undertaken by JNTECH marketing partner Fouz international, Planning of commission of Pakistan, Alternative energy development board, board of investment, water manament department of Punjab and Agriculture department of Punjab.

Last for three days, from Karachi to Lahore to Islamabad, during seminar, the minister of all government department, give speech of the crisis of Pakistan regard lack of water as pollution and low level of underground water; energy shortage and expect of alternative new energy solution. Especially the speech from Karachi major and secretary of board of investment, they point out the crisis especially desalination of sea water in Karachi, and new plan of developing solar projects. Chief tech from Agriculture department of Punjab discussed about water lack during developing of irrigation, suggest to improve intelligent solar pumping system like drip irrigation and pivot irrigation to solve the problem of energy shortage.

During the seminar, Jntech communicate with attendance, give solution regard Pakistan crisis. About crsis of Karachi underground water shortage and pollution, JNTECH provide solar sea water desalination program; about Lahore irrigation consume scale electricity, JNTECH provide solar pumping system; About Islamabad eletrcity shortage, JNTECH provide optimize, cheap off grid system and energy storage system.

In closing ceremony, Mr Zheng Zhou CEO of Hefei JNTECH gave speech, thanks for the coming of stakeholders. JNTECH realize government agencies worry about crisis of water and power, and eager to solve. JNTECH is determined to bring clean water and high efficiency solar solution to Pakistan.

JNTECH have worked on Solar pumping projects in Pakistan for over 5 years, get very handsome feedback. Since JNTECH built subsidiary in Pakistan in 2017, JNTECH PVT LTD provide local storage of inverters and in time after service. Within 1 year, JNTECH solar projects are all over Pakistan, and performing outstanding in government projects.Until August 2018, JNTECH PVT LTD have provided over 1000 sets of solar pumping system, and over 500 sets off grid system.